BixPhotoBook 3.12

It can be used as a 3D photo browser or to create photo book animations
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Bix’s Photo Book is an image viewer from Outerspace Software, which allows you to browse through a virtual 3D photo album and it can also be used to create animations in DVD production. With the Bix’s photo Book you are getting a virtual photo album with page flipping, zooming and other special effects for your image viewing activity. To view your images, you can simply select a folder that contains photos and those will be loaded into the virtual photo book automatically. When you want to turn the page, you can just press the space bar and the page will be turned in a smooth animation. As it works in 3D, the viewing angle can be adjusted for the photo book with camera position, rotation and zooming. When you left click on a photo, the camera zooms in on that photo and the right click on a photo displays a pop-up menu allowing you to rotate, flip or copy a photo. The real-time filter effects can be applied to your photos, if your system's graphics card supports pixel shaders. These filter effects include charcoal, film grain, over-exposure, sepia, white borders, round corners, zigzagged edges, etc. It is a completely personalizable program, which allows you to change many features including background, paper color, texture, shininess of both paper and photo etc. Bix’s Photo Book allows you to browse through a completely personalized virtual photo album and create your own animated DVDs.

R. Fernandez
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  • Smooth 3D animations
  • Personalization
  • Special effects


  • Only allows browsing, you can’t create an interactive virtual album using this program
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